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A Capias Warrant is when the Defendant has a guilty judgment and fails to Citation Search (Warrants will appear in red) Main St. Dallas, TX
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The person can just say they are doing it just to make sure.

Dallas TX Police Officers Issued Warrants

Better safe than sorry. If you think you have a warrant though, it might be best to already have a bondsman on hand ready to bond you out.

Traffic Ticket Warrants

You would need to generate a user name and password to login to the system. You can also search for ongoing cases in Harris County, both civil and criminal. Dallas County has a convenient website to look up warrants. You can google Dallas County warrant search and it comes up. There is also an automated number with the Dallas Police Department to call and check for warrants.

Failure To Appear Traffic Ticket

It seems like it would save a lot of resources and allow many people to get unresolved legal issues finished up. The state and local municipalities would see a rise in income from fines and court costs as well. Call or email me to help you with any legal issues that you have. Skip to content A Texas arrest warrant can be issued for several different reasons.

County Records & Services

Failure To Appear Traffic Ticket If a person fails to pay a ticket for a traffic offense a failure to appear can be issued. Failure To Appear Warrant If a person misses court for a Class B misdemeanor or above, a warrant can be issued by the court. Travis County Warrant Search Some Texas counties have an online site that allows a person to check to see if they have a warrant in that county.

If you don't want to do that, you can use the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's offender search tool which allows for access to offenders who are currently incarcerated in a TDCJ.

Texas Arrest Reports and Warrant Search

If you're searching for court dockets in a district court, you need to go to the District Clerk located at Commerce St, Suite , Dallas, TX Their main number is Dallas County Court site. Their number is You can start there to obtain information regarding how to get a background check in Dallas County. Request for documents may be made in person, written, fax, or email. For criminal records send your fax to , or email DCRecordscriminal dallascounty. It enables you to easily pay tickets online.

It's best to have the citation in front of you to expedite this service. If you have a traffic ticket you can find more information on how to pay it here. You can also make payments for misdemeanor fines , felony fines , and civil court fees from the Dallas County site. Each time you submit a payment, you should have all relevant information on hand when paying a violation or a criminal fine.

Parole Division - Warrants

Make sure to have your ticket number, court docket, SSI , dates of the violation, etc so there will be an easy process for making payments. And don't forget to get any confirmation numbers, emails, or proof of payment in case there is a discrepancy later on with your file. When searching online for a Dallas County warrant list , you may wish to visit the Dallas County court case information page. You should then see a list of any Dallas County cases that have ever been filed against you.

If you have a question on whether you have a warrant outstanding on a particular case, simply click on your name next to the case on which you would like to research. On occasion, this information is incorrectly noted.

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Dallas County warrants can also be issued on class C misdemeanors, such as traffic tickets, public intoxication, issuance of bad check, and possession of drug paraphernalia to name a few.