Nissan Altima is a 2019 Beast of a Machine

Nissan has revealed its 2019 All-wheel Drive Altima Sedan, the mid-sized sedan comes with a Premium tech package making it one of the most luxurious sedan in its class.

Here are some cool features of the car.


  1. Remote Engine Start System: This Feature helps start Altima remotely, and the cabin will warm up or cool down to a comfortable temperature before you even get in.
  2. Rear Cross Traffic Alert: This feature assists you when backing out of a parking space, this feature can detect and warn you about vehicles you might not see behind you approaching from either side.
  3. Advanced Drive Assist Display: The vital stats, at aglance. From turn by turn directions to caller ID, the advanced Drive-assist display serves up info right in front of you

Note this car comes in 2 models the V6 & V4

Engine Power

  1. Engine type: V6 & V4
  2. HorsePower: 270hp (V6),  179hp (V4)
  3. MPG Highway: 32 (V6),  38 (V4)
  4. LB-FT Torque: 251 (V6),  177(V4)

Competitors: Toyota camry, Honda Accord and Forthcoming Mazda6




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