BMW plans to build 26 M(Performance) models

BMW’s M division has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Two decades ago, there were just a few M and M-tuned models around. Things are far, far different today, with more than a dozen models available in the German automaker’s lineup. While enthusiasts may balk at this supposed watering down of the brand, it’s difficult to argue with sales. BMW’s in the business of making money, and that’s why it plans to have a total of 26 M models available in the next few years.

According to Autocar, every vehicle in BMW’s lineup is being considered for either an M or M-Performance variant. The M2, M3, M4 and M4 are obvious, as are M-Performance versions of each. The same goes for the X3, X4, X5 and X6 SUVs. Expect M versions of the upcoming Z4 and 8 Series, too. Beyond that it gets a little murky. We already have models like the M760i, but will BMW finally go all in and build an M7? Don’t rule out M variants of the i3 and i8 EVs. It’s unclear if variants of variants like the M3 and M4 CS are part of this total car count. Either way, expect a follow-up to that car.

Frank van Meel, the leader of BMW M division, wants to eventually increase sales of M cars to more than 100,000 units a year. BMW is following a tactic that Mercedes-Benz has been using with its AMG division for years. Nearly every car in Mercedes’ lineup can be had in some flavor of AMG, with most packing in at least two. Enthusiasts may balk at this watering down of the brands, but it’s hard to argue with sales.

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