Concepto X Render : Lamborghini Releases Photos of their Newly Designed concept

The artist behind this creation is Milen Ivanov, and he’s done his homework when it comes to capturing the essence of a Lamborghini. Lots of edges and contrasting angles? Check. Big air scoops? Absolutely. No perceived way of getting inside? We’ve got it. Spoilers and wings galore? Not only is that massive front splitter spot-on, but the rear diffuser looks like it could plow a field, and there are even winglets on the front fenders. Could they possibly serve any legitimate function? We really hope not, because that makes them even cooler.

It gets better. The rear engine cover with the sculptured vents totally reminds us of the Lamborghini Diablo. The wheels are obviously straight from the Countach. The front clip screams Aventador. And with the roof scoops and steeply raked rear glass likely making outward visibility theoretical at best, this car has pretty much everything we could possibly want in a bonkers Lamborghini.

We’re being absolutely serious here. This Lamborghini Concepto X design from Ivanov is crazy, and off-the-wall, and completely awesome. It strikes a very difficult-to-find balance of eccentricity with something that could still be a functional car. And just look at it – even without the badge on the nose it would only take one look to know this is a Lamborghini. That’s also not so easily done.

Ivanov has quite a few designs in his Bē portfolio, including a very cool Vespa Fly that, next to the Star Wars Hoverbike, would be a top choice for hover-scooting around town. We recommend checking out all the designs, but the Lamborghini Concepto X is our favorite by a wide margin. Well done, Mr. Ivanov.



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