Mazda propose a new crossover for 2021

If Mazda is going to increase sales, it’s going to need more crossovers. According to company CEO Masamichi Kogai, a new crossover that won’t cannibalize sales of the CX-3, CX-5, and CX-9 is coming in 2021, to be built at the new U.S. factory Mazda is building in partnership with Toyota. The plant will be able to build 150,000 vehicles per year, and that full capacity will be reserved for the new CUV.

With 112,235 units sold, Mazda’s best-selling vehicle in the United States last year was, not surprisingly, the CX-5. With that in mind, it seems a safe bet that the new crossover will be a replacement for the discontinued CX-7 to slot above the CX-5 and below the CX-9. Kogai told Automotive News that the vehicle will be designed for America and built exclusively in the States.

“We are actually going to introduce a totally new and different type of SUV,” said Kogai. We don’t know exactly what that means, but we hope the new model line follows Mazda’s tradition of crossovers that are more fun to drive than their main competitors.

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