See Amazon Drones that can Recharge Your Electric Car… While You’re Driving

In what would be a staggering development for electric vehicle mobility, Amazon is proposing drones that can recharge electric cars even while they’re being driven

Being able to recharge an electric car while it’s still driving is the holy grail of future mobility. You could, theoretically, drive as far as you wanted even into areas where there are no charging stations.

Obviously it’s not that simple, but Amazon has been granted a patent for a drone that can dock with a specially-equipped car and dump a fresh battery-load of electricity into its metaphorical tank. Clever.

Car makers and suppliers are working hard on new battery technologies, like solid state, which would allow a drone to carry vastly more mileage to waiting cars, owing to higher energy densities and lower weight.

In this amazing future we’re talking about, when you order a recharge drone, presumably via your car’s Internet-connected Amazon link, it shows up at a specific rendezvous point and then identifies your car as it passes, before catching it up, enacting its mating ritual with your roof, after which you simply watch your driving range climb back up on your instrument cluster, if we have such things by the time this drone tech arrives.

The patent has sparked speculation that Amazon could be planning its own car, with which the drone would be designed to interface. It would give the car a crucial advantage over even long-range electric cars like Teslas. It wouldn’t be cheap, but for loaded business types, this really could be a technology worth paying for.


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