This video just out on YouTube is a great example of the dangers of working around machinery. Fortunately, the worker who stars in the video seems to have lived to tell about it, so it’s probably OK to watch this and laugh — and be glad it wasn’t you.

There’s no real information with the video, so we don’t know who the worker is, or the location. And at first glance, you’d think this was a setup by someone hoping their video will go viral. There’s still a chance that’s true, but if you watch what happens before the worker becomes a ballet star, it does seem like perhaps his predicament was real.

It appears that the pressure hose he was using got tangled in the brushes, and he got pulled in. Lucky for him, it wasn’t a device with deadly consequences like a power takeoff shaft or a corn auger, yet you do have to wonder how tightly he got lashed to the machinery.

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