Jaguar Land Rover to badge vehicles based on horsepower

Add Jaguar and Land Rover to the list of automakers changing their nomenclature due to the realities of engine downsizing. Spy photos of an unreleased Jaguar F-Type model show a badge reading P380 AWD. The letter P evidently refers to Petrol (British for gasoline), and 380 is the engine’s horsepower. According to Auto Express, the entry-level F-Type will be badged P300, indicating the power output of its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Land Rover is expected to follow suit with the new badging nomenclature. Diesel models will get a D instead of a P, while electric and hybrid models will get an E badge, along with a number corresponding to total system power. So, expect the I-Pace to sport an E400 badge on its hind end. One question we have, though, is how the disparity between mechanical, metric and imperial horsepower will be dealt with.

While such power-specific badges are arguably unnecessary, we expect the trend to proliferate as engines continue to get smaller but turbocharging and electrification keep horsepower climbing. At least JLR’s badges are easier to understand than the messy way Audi plans to rename its models or the way BMW completely dismisses actual engine size in its naming convention.


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