Japan is Cooking up the world’s fastest accelerating supercar (EV)

In Japan, there is a company called Aspark. This company called Aspark has been planning on revealing something at the Frankfurt Motor Show: an electric supercar capable of crushing almost anything in the world.

It’s called the Aspark ‘Owl’ (don’t ask, because we genuinely don’t know), and we’re promised “overwhelming acceleration power”. It is, in short, a car built with the simple task of being the fastest accelerating electric supercar ever built.

The target is 0-62mph in less than two seconds. Yes, two seconds. To give you some context you probably don’t need, the Tesla Model S P100D manages 0-62mph in just over two seconds. There is no information as to how Aspark plans on delivering this ‘overwhelming acceleration power’, but – if it materialises – expect something bombastic. Many electric motors. Much battery power. Very low weight. Etc, etc…

To assist in that final note, Aspark says the Owl features a full carbon fibre body and magnesium forged wheels, and it sits less than a metre high – about the same height as a Formula One car. We’ll get full details – possibly, maybe, who really knows? – at next week’s show. It looks at least plausible – all giant wing, wide, menacing body and the obligatory supercar curves.



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