Toyota Nigeria Accredited Dealers and their Contacts

Toyota has a huge presence in Nigeria. In fact, the vast majority of
Nigerians believe that the Toyota car brand . . .

>> has good fuel economy capability

>> Is rugged and

>> Well suited for the Nigerian environment

Take a look out your window and you will see the number of Toyota cars that will cross
your line of sight.

In view of the commanding presence of Toyota in Nigeria, it is no surprise that the company is
well represented by leading car dealers in Nigeria.

Below is a list of Toyota dealers in Nigeria.

1. Elizade

a) Ogba Lagos Nigeria

Phone: 08023119686; 01-4713161

b) Lekki Lagos Nigeria

Phone: 07028195696

c) Abuja Nigeria

Phone: 08033767475

d) Akure Nigeria

Phone: 08034384154

e) Port Harcourt Nigeria

Phone: 084-464382

2. R. T. Briscoe

Phone: 01-8945497

3. Globe Motors Nigeria

Phone: 01-4548764

4. Omoregie


5. Germaine

Phone: 07028637219

6. Mandilas

Phone: 01-7388380

7. Kojo Motors

Phone: 08033319080

8. Metropolitan

Phone: 01-7949765

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