Porsche considering unlimited run of the 911 R

The limited edition Porsche 911 R has been a huge hit with enthusiasts, even if it’s simply been in hearts and minds and not garages. The car was intended to distill everything good about the 911 into one package. Unfortunately, just 991 examples were built, with prices quickly skyrocketing after reaching customers. Most people will never get the chance to own one, much less afford it. Still, with such a great reception, Autocarreports that Porsche is considering a non-limited run of a car with similar ethos to the 911 R.

Michael Steiner, the head of Porsche research and development, says that it’s important that 911s be fun on both the road and the track. While the new GT3 certainly fits the bill for the latter, Porsche doesn’t have a clear answer for the best street-oriented version. The 911 Carrera GTS is certainly a contender, but it doesn’t follow quite the same path as the 911 R. Steiner says that there’s room for both limited and unlimited production variants of the 911.

It’s unclear when we might see such a car. We’re right in the middle of the lifecycle for the 991.2 generation, though we’ve seen a few spy shots of that car’s replacement. In theory, a simplified 911 would be easy to produce. The 911 R was essentially a parts-bin project that pulled from a variety of 911 variants. Look for more news as soon as the Frankfurt auto show next week.

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