Apple sets to Manufacture cars

The discussion surrounding a possible future Apple car remains abuzz, even if there is still no concrete vision of how and when a car with Apple input might reach production. Part of that is Apple’s interest in autonomous vehicles, as in June the company CEO Tim Cook announced a focus on such systems. Some of Apple’s automotive know-how has been leaking out, however, in engineer form.

As many as 17 engineers have recently joined autonomous car startup Zoox, as Automotive News reports. The group consists of braking and suspension engineers, originally employed by Motor City companies before joining Apple. Both Apple and Zoox have kept tight-lipped about the matter. Will Zoox deliver a car – an autonomous car – first? Renderings of Zoox’s future visions date back to late 2013, as showcased in the gallery above.

As Apple has refocused its automotive program and let a significant number of employees go, Zoox has bulked up. In April, Zoox hired Corrado Lanzone, a former Ferrari executive with decades of experience putting ends together at the Italian sportscar maker. Lanzone joined Zoox to become its manufacturing VP.


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