The Car Repairs You Can Do at Home to Save Cash

Many of us pop to the garage the second there’s a slight problem with our car. But, with so many of the common repair jobs so easy to do at home when you know how, you could save some serious money by learning these tricks of the trade. Here are the car repairs you can do from home:

Change Wiper Blades

Changing your wiper blades takes two minutes when you know how. First things first, make sure that you’ve got the correct replacement wipers for the make and model of your car. Unclip the assembly from the wiper arm and pull it off, then slide on the new wiper and secure it using the appropriate clip. Often, the left and right ones can be different lengths so be sure to get the right ones for each side as you remove the old ones.

The video below is great – how to tell if you need to change your blades, how to choose the right replacement and how to change a couple of different types of blade.

Change Tyres

Being able to change a tyre yourself is a life skill that can really come in handy should you ever get a flat tyre on a journey. Regularly check that your spare tyre is fully inflated should you get a flat and need to change the tyre. For this task, you’ll need the following essentials which are available at SGS Engineering:

  • a vehicle jack
  • locking wrench
  • locking wheel nut adapter
  • wheel chock

Before lifting your vehicle be sure to make sure your engine is turned off and apply the handbrake. Engage the jack and lift the vehicle on its springs, remove the loose wheel nuts and when loose remove the wheel away. Check you cars manual first to identify where under the car you should engage the jack – it is dangerous (and you can damage the body work) if you do not use the jack on a supporting beam. An additional tip is to place the old wheel on its side just behind the wheel arch whilst fitting the new one. In this way in the unlikely event that the car jack fails or slips from not being properly secured, the car is still supported somewhat by the wheel and won’t fall straight on to the pavement. Secure the spare wheel by reversing these steps taking care to tighten up the wheel nuts sufficiently. Be sure to check the restrictions on your spare tyre as some are space saver tyres which can only travel at 50mph

Change a Light Bulb

Having a bulb go out is a common problem that can happen to any car. The hardest part of changing a light bulb on your car is making sure that you’ve got the right replacement bulb. You can easily find the right bulb for the make and model online of your car or open up the bonnet and locate the back of the bulb to find out the type. Unplug the existing headlight wire, twist and pull it out to remove it then install the new bulb by pushing it into place and securing it with the headlight wire pigtail.

Remember to always consult the handbook for your vehicle before carrying out any of these repairs as there could be essential advice and important information in there which you should follow.

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