The Best Cars for a Long Commute

The daily commute to work is something we all have to do every day whether it’s by car, train, bus or bike. With the average commute time in Nigeria is increasing year upon year, research shows that motorists are spending more and more time getting to work and back in our cars than ever before. Not only does this take up a lot of time in our day, it also drains our wallets of a lot of cash spent on fuel. Here are some of the best vehicles out there for commuters facing a long journey:

The Ford Focus ST

The main reason so many dealerships recommend the Ford Focus ST to commuters is because it has a reputation for being fun to drive. If your commute is a long slog that’s dull and can be quite draining, then the Ford Focus ST can help to put the fun back into driving. The vehicle is spacious inside, has great technological features and entertainment options like Bluetooth connectivity and both comes at a low price and it is relatively cheap to run.

Peugeot 208

As one of the most economical cars on the market, it was crowned the most economical car in 2015 and will really help those facing long commutes to cut costs. Its stylish body, compact size and array of technological features make it a comfortable ride that is enjoyable to be in for long periods.

Volkswagen Passat

A great choice for those who have a long commute, the Passat is famous for having an incredibly quiet cabin which is ideal for those long motorway drives. The Ergo comfort driving seat is an essential for anyone who knows how uncomfortable it can be getting stuck in traffic and facing long delays.

What you value the most on your commute will determine which car is best for you. Whether it’s the cheapest car to run, the most reliable or the most comfortable ride for those hours that you spend stuck in traffic, all these vehicles make ideal options when it comes to commuting cars.

BMW 1 Series

A luxuriously smooth ride with an impressive interior, the BMW 1 series is ideal for those who want to commute in style. Not as economical as other vehicles, the diesel engine is better for those doing long distance commutes but the array of technological features and entertainment options make it a desirable ride, ideal for commuting in the utmost comfort and style.

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